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Origins of Pintanna


Our story began in the year 2009, when our founder Mr. Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena, a world renowned cricketer and now an ICC Elite Panel Umpire, found his passion in the eminent Sri Lankan Agarwood tree(Wallapatta). This tree is indigenous and is recognized as an endangered species in Sri Lanka and serves the International Oud industry in numerous ways.

A decade after, Mr. Dharmasena officially established Pintanna Plantations in 2020 followed by Pintanna Oud (Pvt) Ltd in 2021. These companies expanded his vision from just cultivating to offering an investment portfolio and exportation of Agarwood related products. As his reputation precedes him, Pintanna currently stands as the only licensed company to legally export Sri Lankan Agarwood products around the globe!

Oud Oil Distillation Factory

We are proud to establish Sri Lanka's first ever Oud Oil Distillation Factory, with more than 60 vessels running steamy hot for days and days to produce our luxurious Silani Oud Oils.

The factory was built to harvest rainwater and runs 100% eco-friendly. It is Located at the heart of our Ayagama Estate, Ratnapura.


Board of Directors


Kumar Dharmasena

Chairman and Managing Director


Kavishka Dharmasena

Executive Director


Dushanthi Dharmasena

Working Director


Ashalya Dharmasena

Executive Director

Chairman strip1.jpg

Planting was always a passion in my life, and I am proud to use my passion to bring glory to my motherland. After more than 25 years of experience in planting, I encountered the magical Agarwood Tree that is valued more than gold itself.


Today, I have uncovered its secrets to distill the most expensive oil known as Oud that enabled me to bring in foreign currency to Sri Lanka.

Founder and Director

Pintanna Group of Companies

Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena

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