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Our Efforts


Inspired by the passion of our founder, Pintanna hopes to mark its name in the international agriculture industry while keeping Agarwood at its core.

We truly believe that Agarwood is indeed the wood of the gods as our ancestors did, as it can combine both sustainability and prosperity all without any side effects. Agarwood is recognized as an multi-purpose resource and we at Pintanna are dedicated to discover each of these unique purposes that can be catered toward cosmetic industry, aromatherapy, perfume industry, pharmaceutical industry and many more.

Explore our efforts in harnessing each of these purposes below.


Agarwood Plantations

Our Plantations span over 350+ acres across the Ratnapura District in Sri Lanka. As of 2022, we own 4 estates including Ayagama Estate, Thoranakotha Estate, Arambegama Estate and Withanagama Estate.


These Estates mainly cultivate Agarwood however, we also grow crops such as Tea, Rubber, Cinnamon and Pepper. We wish to expand this portfolio in the coming years to offer a wide variety of agricultural products to the world.


Agarwood Cultivation

Ratnapura district is known to be the best location for the cultivation of Agarwood in Sri Lanka.


Cultivation of Agarwood trees began in 2009, where we started out with Aquilaria Crassna plants at our Ayagama Estate. Today we grow three species of Agarwood trees namely; Aquilaria Crassna, Aquilaria Subintegra and Gyrinops Walla within the Ratnapura District.

Gyrinops Walla trees are grown completely naturally to maintain their natural standard whereas the other species are cultivated and inoculated for the maximum production of resins.


Agarwood Inoculation

Inoculation is a vital part in commercial agarwood cultivation industry. In a nutshell, possessing the most effective Inoculation will make you the market leader in the Agarwood Industry.

Unlike most companies, At Pintanna, we develop our own inoculant which was tested and proven to be the most effective and efficient inoculation in Sri Lanka. It is created 100% organically where we develop a fungi that can tactfully damage the cells of the trees just enough to produce aloes resins at its highest quality.

Pintanna Aamupradana project was introduced back in 2021 with the intention of aiding all Sri Lankan Agarwood planters. Through this project, any planter can purchase and inject our inoculant to their trees and receive guidelines and advice on maintaining the tree until its ready to harvest.


Agarwood Investments

Pintanna Husma Agarwood Investment portfolio was introduced in 2019. We enabled anyone to invest in our Agarwood Plants where they will receive high returns at the end of 8 years.

The investment portfolio offers a staggering 18.75% simple annualised return per annum with minimum risk and zero hidden cost. The invested trees will be completely maintained and inoculated by us. Once the tree is ready at the end of 8 years we will repay the customers and harvest the resins for the production of Oud Oil.


Agarwood Products

Pintanna Oud Pvt. Ltd was established in 2021 with the intention of developing an international market to export Silani Oud across the world.

At Pintanna we produce a range of Oud Oils, a wide variety of Oud Chips/wood, Oud Incense Sticks, Bakhoor and many more.

Silani was introduced as the official brand of Pintanna to offer 100% authentic and wild Silani Oud. Silani Oud is known to be one of the highest quality Oud varieties in the market and we are proud to be the first and only company to export Silani Oud legally.


Agarwood Research

Silani Oud was always a hidden gem in the Oud industry. As it was only available as an illegal product, not many research was conducted in the past. With so much to learn and so little known, we were inspired to do our own research.

At our Oud Oil Distillation Factory, we established a state of the art laboratory which is primarily used for developing our inoculation. As we expanded our portfolio, we now conduct various tests and experiments to develop and improve our Oud Products.


Agarwood Exportations

Pintanna Oud Pvt. Ltd currently caters Oud Oil and other Agarwood related products to the GCC. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar continues to be our main exporting countries.

In 2022 February, we took our first major step to introduce ourselves to the GCC market by entering into Expo Dubai 2021. The project succeeded and so we began our journey to supply high quality Silani Oud to the world. Today, we are in the process of establishing Retail Outlets across the GCC enabling us to directly reach our end customers to provide our products.

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